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The Pacific Insurance Berhad

Fairfax Financial Holdinds Ltd


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The Pacific Insurance Berhad has its roots going back to the 1950s when it was the Malayan business arm of The Netherlands Insurance Company.


On 24th March 2011, Fairfax Asia Limited, a fully owned subsidiary of Fairfax Financial Holdings Limited acquired 100% of the equity of The Pacific Insurance Berhad.


Fairfax Financial Holdings Limited, founded in 1985 and with its headquarters in Toronto, is a financial services holding company listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange. It is a financial services holding company which, through its subsidiaries operating in more than 100 countries with USD5 billion in premiums, is Fairfax engaged in general insurance and reinsurance business across the globe, with total assets of USD37.3 billion and Shareholders’ equity of US$9.7 Billion as at the end of September 2014.


Fairfax Asia Limited, which is the Asian holding company for operating entities of Fairfax Group in the Asian region, forms an integral part of the Fairfax Group. Fairfax Asia has operating entities in Malaysia, India, Indonesia, China, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand and Sri Lanka. With unconsolidated revenues of over US$2.6 billion in 2013, Fairfax Asia is one of the largest non-life insurers in the region. The Pacific Insurance Berhad is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Fairfax Asia Limited with Fairfax Financial Holdings Ltd as the ultimate parent.


The Pacific Insurance Berhad offers all classes of general insurance and is one of the most comprehensive general insurance solutions provider in the Malaysian market. The Pacific Insurance Berhad is proud to be a world-class insurance entity in Malaysia, bringing Fairfax’s global experience, product knowledge, technology and infrastructure to the Malaysian market.

Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision

Pacific Insurance will be the market leader in Personal and Healthcare Insurance.
Pacific Insurance will become synonymous with innovative and competitively-priced products to satisfy Malaysia’s maturing needs.
Pacific Insurance will achieve this by building a professional organisation of highly skilled and dedicated staff and agents committed to deliver quality products and services.

Our Mission

The mission of Pacific Insurance is to be the preferred General Insurer in Malaysia, operating at all times with integrity and respect, providing not only excellent, quality services, but also being efficient and effective in our dealings with all our stakeholders: the customers, shareholders, employees, intermediaries and regulatory bodies. We are committed to being innovative and professional in every aspect of our work.

Corporate Values

  • Honesty and integrity are essential in all our relationships and will never be compromised.
  • We are results oriented – not political.
  • We are team players – no “egos”. A confrontational style is not appropriate.
  • We value loyalty – to Fairfax and our colleagues.
  • We are hard working but not at the expense of our families.
  • We always look at opportunities but emphasize downside protection and look for ways to minimize loss of capital.
  • We are entrepreneurial. We encourage calculated risk taking. It is all right to fail but we should learn from our mistakes.
  • We will never bet the company on any project or acquisition.
  • We believe in having fun – at work!


Board of Directors

Dato' Huang Sin Cheng Chairman

Sammy Chan Sum Yu
Datuk Abu Hassan Bin Kendut
Abdullah Bin Tarmugi
Zainul Abidin Bin Mohamed Rasheed
Hashim Bin Harun

Management Team

Gobinath Arvind Athappan
Chief Executive Officer

Ravi Prabhakar
Senior Executive Vice President – Head of Integration

Monica Aw Li Fong
Company Secretary

Syed Arif Ismail
Chief Technology Officer

T.Sivapalan A/L Tharmapalan
Senior General Manager – Commercial Lines

Chua Yee Siong
General Manager – ‎ Agency

Danny Yap Hon Min
General Manager – Personal Lines

Lai Man Yin
Appointed Actuary

Daniel Nee Yong Hong
Actuarist – Pricing

Mohd Jamal Bin Mohamed Sain
Assistant General Manager – ‎Affinity Business

William Cheong Weng Chan
Assistant General Manager – Human Resource

Richard Liang Lip Kin
Senior Manager – Medical Underwriting and Claims

Tay Yew Lean
Senior Manager – Direct Business & Customer Care

Zainal Abidin Bin Muhammad
Senior Manager – Risk Management cum Compliance Officer

Suresh Maria
Chief Internal Auditor

Department Heads

Sam Michael
Senior Manager – Broking

Cheong Yew Wing
Senior Manager – KL Agencies (HQ)

Denise Ng Yit Yeet
Senior Manager – Marine Underwriting

Unissuary Muniandy
Senior Manager – Commercial Lines Claims

Rohana Bt. Ismail
Senior Manager – IT Infrastructure

Vikram Jain
Senior Manager – IT Applications

Mohan A/L Sinnasamy
Manager – Commercial Lines Re-Insurance

Jennifer Chong Siew Ching
Manager – Personal Lines Claims

Noreha binti Ali
Manager – Policy Processing & Branch Operations

Xavier a/l Vincent
Manager – Risk Engineering


Work with us

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Corporate Information

Registered Office

40-01, Q Sentral,
2A Jalan Stesen Sentral 2,
Kuala Lumpur Sentral,
50470 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Tel: 03-2633 8999

Fax: 03-2633 8998

Company Secretary

Monica Aw Li Fong


Chartered Accountants

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