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The Pacific Insurance Berhad

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Accident Assist

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1800 88 1629

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If you are involved in an accident we are here to help

Introducing Accident Assist, a new public service provided by the Malaysian insurance and takaful industry to members of the public who are seeking immediate roadside assistance in event of a road accident. Accident Assist will also respond to basic or common enquiries relating to motor policies/ certificates. It is a dedicated tele-service line manned by customer service officers operating 24 hours daily.

Accident Assist aims to improve the overall process following a road accident by providing road accident victims with timely roadside assistance and objective guidance on making a motor insurance/ takaful claim.

Accident Assist is managed by general insurers and takaful operators. It is operated by Telekom Malaysia. Accident Assist can help you with these:

  • 24 hours / 7 days a week, helpline
  • Guide you to obtain towing services to approved workshops
  • Provide information and answer basic or common enquiries which you may have on making a motor insurance/ takaful claim
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Accident Assist - The Pacific Insurance Berhad