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For our Private Comprehensive Policyholders, we bring you a Comprehensive Roadside Assist Programme, which is only a PHONE CALL away.

What is Pacific Roadside Assist Programme?

PACIFIC ROADSIDE ASSIST is our dedicated 24 hours/ 7 days a week helpline to cater for emergency assistance when your insured vehicle suffered an unexpected breakdown or sustained damages due to an accident.

CALL 1800-88-4488 for towing assistance or for other roadside services as listed below.

Territorial covered : Malaysia, Singapore & Brunei.

What are the other Roadside services provided besides towing assistance?

The Pacific Roadside Assist provides for specific emergency assistance with minor roadside repairs, patching or changing of tyre on the spot, checking wiring & alarm system malfunction, jump start, changing battery and providing basic information on authorised workshop panel and claims handling requirements.

Cost of spare parts and related items are excluded.

CALL 1800-88-4488 for our roadside services when required.

What does the Pacific Roadside Assist covers?

The Pacific Roadside Assist covers towing charges or emergency roadside assist services for your personal vehicles of up to RM300 per accident and/or vehicle breakdown. The coverage is unlimited during your policy period.

However, towing assistance is subject to a towing limit of 50km. Any excess towing requirement is subject to charges imposed by our towing service provider.

Can I purchase additional towing services?

YES, you may want to purchase our Comprehensive Unlimited Towing add-on.

Most, if not all of our Comprehensive policyholders purchased this add-on as they said that it is worth the price.

Contact your agent today for this invaluable add-on.

Note: The Pacific Insurance Berhad reserves the right at any time without prior notice to add, alter or modify any terms and conditions provided under the Pacific Roadside Assist Programme. Terms and Conditions apply.